Every kid wants to “RECEIVE” the Fathers blessing and every kid in every home deserves to have a father in the home who’s crazy about them… unfortunately that doesn’t alway happen.

Every kid wants to have these questions answered by a father or father figure in their life:

Do you see me? Do you value me? When I reach out, do you reach back to me?

Every kid who participates in KidBOSS will receive education and experiences to help them own their future.

KidBOSS Mobile App

The KidBOSS Mobile App provides kids with education, social challenges and community with other kids. Coming soon…

KidBOSS Intensives

KidBOSS Intensives are three day life changing events held at True South Farm just south of Nashville and focus on the seven pillars of KidBOSS.

Give Scholarship

KidBOSS was created for kids with absentee fathers. Many of the kids in the program come from single mother homes and need financial support to attend. All funds given to our non-profit go directly to scholarships.


Testimonials from parents and kids who have participated in KidBOSS

KidBOSS Partners


Every kid enrolled in the KidBOSS virtual coaching platform will receive a Gabb wireless phone and call plan for free!